Solution for better digestion: celery

Celery is called superfoods and is mostly forgotten by other more expensive superfoods. It is very easily to grow on a home garden. This fiber rich vegetable is good for our regular digestive system and therefore help to protect again colorectal cancer. With high ratio of water, celery improve liver health by helping to detoxify.

The recommended amount of fiber an adult should be getting daily in their diet is 18 grams. When it comes to fiber, both insoluble and soluble types are considered beneficial to your health. Fiber rich foods like celery can also slow down the absorption rate of carbohydrates in blood which can help to keep blood sugar levels steady and prevent serious diseases like diabetes.

There are many ways to use celery. Prepare celery juice with some fruits, make excellent soups od chop it to any salad or salad dressing. 

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