Genetic analysis as a present!

GenePlanet, winner of the gold award for innovation, enables now to purchase the genetic analysis in the form of a gift package. Allow your gift to make the entry to the year 2015 particularly innovative and original!

You can choose from two products: Personal genetic analysis and nutrigenetic analysis NutriFit. Each of these genetic analyses represents an excellent gift for friends, family members or business partners, because of their extremely useful and informative nature.





Choose between two different options for ordering:  

  • The first option, which customers choose the most often, is to order the gift to be delivered to your own address. You will receive the kit for saliva collection together with all necessary documentations at your home in designed gift package. The package can be additionally customized in gift wrap of a choice and greeting card can be added. The person to whom you are making the present will submit his/her saliva sample and Statement for the implementation of DNA analysis indicating his/her personal information, including home address. The final report of genetic analysis (in printed brochure format) will then be sent directly to the person to whom you gave the analysis as a gift.
  • Other option is to send the package directly to the home address of the person to whom you want to make the gift. In this case, while ordering, you should choose delivery option indicated as "Delivery to a different address" and enter the receivers’ home address. Also with this type of order, you can add a message or greeting that would be sent together with the package.


For more information and for ordering, please visit our website (, contact us by phone +386/ 59 25 11 11 or e-mail We will be happy to advise and help you!

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