To prevent panic and related disorders exercise regularly!

People with "high anxiety sensitivity", an intense fear of the nausea, racing heart, dizziness, stomachaches and shortness of breath that accompany panic, reacted with less anxiety to a panic-inducing stressor if they had been engaging in high levels of physical activity, said researchers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and the University of Vermont in Burlington.

Researches are not suggesting we exercise instead of pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy, but that it is a useful alternative, particularly for those without access to traditional treatments. Exercise is already prescribed for general health by the primary care physicians, and therewith exercise may have the advantage of helping reach more people in need of treatment for depression and anxiety.

Research indicates exercise functions as "an antidepressant drug", it improves mood and reduces anxiety. Therefore, researchers suggest exercise may be an effective strategy for the prevention and treatment of anxiety disorders. When we exercise in order to feel good, we are also taking the exact steps we need to benefit our general health.

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