The truth about herbs in stress reduction

Herbs and natural substances are marketed as home remedies for stress. There are some evidence that any of these products work well over the short term and some of them may cause adverse effects, particularly if used with other drugs. Herbs can vary widely in their quality and content.

Lenz has recently determined which, if any, herbal supplements could be recommended to treat stress. Out of the myriad products, he did find one that stood out: lemon balm appears to be both safe and reasonably effective at reducing stress in the short term. Lemon balm is part of the mint family, which can improve mood and induce feelings of calmness. One study found that 2 grams of dried lemon balm was associated with an increase in calmness for up to six hours.

The best way to treat stress over the long term is to identify the root causes of it, and see if your lifestyle can be changed to reduce it. People can also try meditation, yoga, controlled breathing. Pass it on: Some herbs can reduce stress and anxiety over short periods, but they are not a long-term solution.

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