Why order your DNA analysis

To Know

Genomic analysis is intended for all the people who are aware of the close correlation between health, quality of life and life as such. If our genetic risk for certain disease is increased, then this information enables us to take appropriate preventive measures and thus prevent disease and health issues or enabled diagnoses of a disease early enough for successful treatment.

A person's response to medications depends, to a great degree, on their genes. For certain medications, clear links have been established between their effects and an individual's genes. Based on your genetic makeup, we shall evaluate the expected response to these medications and their side effects.

There is even more to the genomic analysis. Genes also contribute to your potential physical and mental abilities. If you have not had the chance to discover some of them, our information can help you direct your energy to areas where you can excel. All this information is encoded in your genes.

Nutritional needs depend on our genes and the environment in which we live. Although our genome is 99 percent alike, it is just that one percent of the differences which is responsible for our uniqueness. The unique needs of each individual are the subject of a relatively new branch of food science - personalized nutrition. With our nutrigenetic analysis we can identify specific needs for each individual and appropriately develop the principles of nutrition, which lead to an optimal intake of nutrients.

To understand

It is important to understand that GenePlanet does not perform genetic diagnostics of diseases.
GenePlanet's duty is to evaluate your:

  1. Predisposition to or chance of developing a certain disease

  2. Response to certain medications

  3. Probability of possessing a specific trait or ability

  4. Response to nutrients

The list of diseases, talents, medications and nutrient responses analysed by the GenePlanet, is subject to constant updating to satisfy new scientific findings.

To act accordingly

Being aware of one's genetic predisposition to certain diseases enables one to make adequate and timely changes in one's lifestyle and to institute preventive actions. However, our health does not depend solely on our genes, but also on the environment and behavioural patterns. GenePlanet`s analyses include preventive measures and recommendations for each disease, whenever possible. We suggest you to follow them especially in areas where our analysis shows that you have an increased genetic predisposition.

Why order your DNA analysis