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Personal genetic analysis

Personal genetic analysis

Personal genetic analysis is based on an overview of your DNA. It gives appropriate recommendations in the field of early prevention and appropriate action, to reduce the risk of developing a disease. This is especially important for those of us who are more exposed because of our genetic makeup.


The whole plan of our organism is encoded in our genes. The genes determine the structure and the functioning of our body. If we inherit a significant error in the genetic code, then we will develop a genetic disorder. Discovering such genetic flaws is what doctors nowadays do. Our tendencies for developing many diseases are also encoded in our genes. Environmental factors pay an important role with the development of such diseases. That is why, in most cases, we can influence how these diseases progress. The search for important genetic factors and assessing risks for developing a certain disease is what GenePlanet does. With our information you can change your lifestyle and prevent developing a disease you are most prone to.

With the help of a personal genetic analysis individuals can discover their tendency towards disease development in comparison to the average population. For example, if 10% of the total population are affected by a certain disease and the individual is the carrier of a specific genetic makeup that determines a 4x higher risk for the same disease this means that it can be expected that on average 40% of people with such a genetic makeup will develop the mentioned disease during their lifetime. By receiving the personalized genetic information and results each individual also received important information about the basics of each disease as such, how different genetic predispositions influence the development of a certain condition, on which part of the chromosomes the relevant genes are present and much more. This information in connection with preventive advice and medical recommendations is of invaluable help in terms of prevention and greatly increase the likelihood that a certain disease will not develop or is discovered at an early stage, when successful treatment is much more successful.


Traits and talents

Genes are more than often connected to diseases. In reality, the genes are also encoded with our positive characteristics, our potentials and talents. Mankind has known this fact for thousands of years, and man has been breeding and domesticating animals on the basis of this very fact. The human genes, too, are encoded with our physical characteristics, learning capabilities and characteristics. GenePlanet has been closely monitoring all research in this field, which have only just begun, and we are including it in our analysis. It is possible to predict the probability that you are a carrier of one of the numerous analyses characteristics on the basis of our service. All this with the purpose of you learning about your capabilities and develop them further in case you never had the chance to develop them in your life so far.

If you are in the middle years of your life, your characteristics are probably already well known to you. This means that you probably already know in what areas you are more successful. Regardless of that, our genetic analysis includes some connections between genes and individual physical characteristics, which you probably do not know yet in detail. Some of them have a significant impact on our quality of life (for example, digestion of lactose, caffeine and alcohol), while others are more informative (e.g. perception of odors or sensitivity to pain).



The effect of medications and their side effects depends to a great degree on our genes. The genes determine the metabolic rate of the medications, their transport into the cells and organs, their excretion from the body and their effective binding sites.

Active substances act by binding to cellular proteins; otherwise there is no desired effect. However, DNA mutations affect structure of protein, responsible for drug effectiveness to differ between some individuals. This is reflected in the effect of particular drug. The effect may be lower than expected and the treatment is not successful. On the other side, the effect can be too strong which can lead to the side effects, that is, to the emergence of additional medical complications. When knowing someone’s genetic makeup, we can either properly adjust the dose, or we can replace the drug with alternative one.

The pharmaceutical companies have been planning a so-called personalized treatment. This approach will allow physicians to prescribe the dose or to choose appropriate drug according to individual’s genetic makeup. Every day we have more and more details about human genome, therefore, implementation of the trend described above is expected. This will prevent numerous side drug effects and/or will improve the effectiveness of drug therapy. Today, all this is a great benefit for quality of life.