For whom do we recomend genetic analyses

Development of our organism is determined by our genetic makeup and environmental factors. Genes code for your physical characteristics, your response to signals from the environment, your specific potentials and your resistance or susceptibility for the development of certain diseases.

Genetic analyses can help you to achieve a lifestyle of higher quality by better utilising your own potentials and abilities and also to improve your health due to novel insights. If your personal genetic risk for a certain disease is higher, you can change your lifestyle accordingly and take preventive measure and thus prevent disease and health issues.

Who can benefit most from DNA testing?

With the flourishing of the genome reading technology, researchers have succeeded in linking numerous diseases, personal responses and other traits to the specific genes. At GenePlanet we examine your genome and based on the results obtained and the know-how of our experts, we can tell more about your susceptibility to certain diseases, drug response, talents and other traits. Thus, the test is suitable for:

  • People with a family history of disease. With the GenePlanet’s analyses we can inform you of your risks. Typically, a disease can only be prevented with an adequate lifestyle, provided that one is aware of one's predisposition to a certain disease.
  • People who regularly take medications. Often the therapy with certain medications does not result in the desired effect – the medication either has no effect or its effect is too strong. If we know the reason for this, then the dose may be adjusted accordingly or medicament may be replaced with alternative and consequently the results of the therapy can be improved.
  • Individuals who want to tailor their training to their genetic code. People have different physical makeups. By knowing if we lean towards explosive modes or endurance, we can tailor our individual training and attain better results.
  • Individuals who want to improve their lifestyle based on the latest scientific discoveries and appropriate recommendations from experts.
  • People who have problems with losing weight and would like a personalized approach tailored to the genetic needs of their body.
  • Everyone who is curious enough and wants to know their advantages, risks and hidden talents.


A personalized DNA analysis enables us to utilize targeted prevention, tailored nutrition and timely preventive check-ups in order to:

  • Improve our well-being

  • Improve our health

  • Prevent the development of disease

  • Detect a disease at an early stage, when treatment is successful

  • Reduce adverse drug reactions and improve treatment

  • Discover and utilize our hidden potentials

To whom we especially recommend our individual products:

To whom we especially recommend    To whom we especially recommend
Personal genetic analysis  
Personal genetic analysis

Our Personal genetic analysis includes an analysis of frequent diseases, traits and talents and medicament response.


Our nutrigenetic analysis NutriFit provides a diet and life-style plan based on personal genetic characteristics.