Genetic analysis

Genetic analyses represent a long-term investment to improve our health and wellbeing. By analysing your genetic material, you will receive valuable insights about your own body that will allow proper action to improve your health, reduce potential health problems and utilize your potential for development in various areas.

The development of our organism is determined by our genetic makeup and environmental factors.

Information about our genetic makeup can thus help us to adjust environmental factors according to our genetic makeup and consequently avoid many problems. Through the analysis of your DNA you will learn about your response to different medications and about your genetic risk for cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and other diseases. In the same time you will get new insight about gene-related physical and cognitive abilities.

GenePlanet’s services will help you to achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle from the standpoint of better utilising your own features and abilities and from the health point of view. If your genetic risk for developing certain disease is high, you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly or take preventive measures and thus prevent disease.

Our genetic analyses are based on genotyping the individual’s genetic material, evaluating the results and, as the final step, making appropriate recommendations to achieve wellbeing and a healthy living. GenePlanet’s vision is to make the latest discoveries in the field of genetics and biomedicine available to the general public and thus contribute to the welfare of society and the individual.


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The process of DNA analysis
Whom do we recommend genetic analyses

We recommend GenePlanet's services to all who are curious and want to discover their advantages, risks, potentials and talents.

  Advantages of Geneplanet

Due to the way GenePlanet operates, it's services have many benefits - discover which.

  The process of DNA analysis

Just four steps to your genetic analysis - the procedure is a safe, fast and easy.

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Why order your DNA analysis

Our products are intended for all who are aware that information about our genes have a decisive influence on our health, well-being and quality of life in general.

  List of analyses

List of diseases, characteristics and medications included in our personal genetic analysis.

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Personal access to the results of genetic analyses for existing users.