Be satisfied with yourself

The greater the satisfaction, the lesser the risk for coronary heart disease.

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Early exposure to pets reduces likelihood of allergies

Is it wise to have pets at home while your children are still very young? New findings have revealed that early exposure to pets does not increase the children’s risk of allergies, but rather reduces the risk.

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Can three genes be the cause of migraine?

Variants in three genes have an important impact on the origin of migraines.

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Teen survey reveals gene for happiness

Forget money, fame and good looks. The best chance of happiness and contentment comes from having two copies of a particular gene.

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How Inflammation Can Lead to Cancer

High levels of specific molecules during inflammation cause DNA mutations.

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Pregnancy at a young age can be beneficial – Now we know why

Genomic signature in post-menopausal women may explain why pregnancy reduces breast cancer risk

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Simple test to predict lung cancer at early stage

Gene expression signature in white blood cells is specific to lung cancer, and may detect a patient's lung cancer at an earlier stage.

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Nature scenery and sounds may reduce pain in cancer patients

Patients, undergoing bone marrow aspiration and biopsy (BMAB) procedure may be able to lessen their pain with watching scenes of nature.

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Ten days of sleep in a row

It is quite normal for teenagers to need more sleep and have difficulties getting out of bed in the morning. But in some rare cases this can turn out in extremes! It may take up to 10 days for Louisa Ball to wake up from her sleep due to a rare neurological disorder.

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Vitamin E doses linked to increased risk of some strokes

Vitamin E intake at higher level could increase risk of a particular stroke, but not all stroke types.

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