Revolutionary union of two techniques

Stem cell technology and precision gene therapy have been united in humans.

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Coffee sunscreen could slow skin cancer

Applying caffeine to the skin in sunny weather may protect against types of skin cancer

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Women have a stronger immune system

Several X chromosome-located strands of microRNA have important functions in immunity.

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Temperature affects mRNA structure

A team of scientists has demonstrated that temperature controls the genetic information.

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Stress causes DNA damage

Researchers from Duke University Medical Center have discovered a mechanism that helps to explain how a chronic stress is associated with chromosomal damage.

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Night blindness attributable to genetic mutation

Scientists reveal that the mutation in a gene expressed in the eye is associated with inherited night blindness.

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Genetic cause of extreme thinness

People with extra copies of certain genes are much more likely to be very skinny.

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Our genes carry a history of our ancestors

From the whole-genome sequence now it is possible to inference a human population history.

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Scientists find 'no fingerprint' gene mutation

Some people are born without fingerprints.

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New mutations received at birth

Scientists assumed that each of us receives approximately 60 new mutations in our genome from our parents. Surprisingly, the number of mutations passed on from a parent to a child varied between parents by tenfold.

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