Genetic analysis as a present!

GenePlanet Ltd., winner of the gold award for innovation in 2012, enables now to purchase the genetic analysis in the form of a gift package. Allow your gift to make the entry to the year 2013 particularly innovative and original!

You can choose from two products: Personal genetic analysis and nutrigenetic analysis NutriFit. Each of these genetic analyses represents an excellent gift for friends, family members or business partners, because of their extremely useful and informative nature.

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Inovation of the year award!

On the 9/26/2012, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (Gospodarska Zbornica Slovenije) has presented the awards for the best innovations in 2012. In addition to gold, silver and bronze awards and diplomas,  the prize called »voice of the public« was presented this year for the best innovation according to the public opinion. An innovation from GenePlanet, the NutriFit genetic analysis, received the highest number of votes.

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Prostate cancer 'barcode' tests

A blood test that reads genetic results like a barcode can pick out the most aggressive prostate cancers, say experts.

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Dominant role of gene involved in Parkinson’s disease

Scientists have discovered a new gene important in late-onset of Parkinson's disease.

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Safer, personalized cancer therapy by linking cancer genes with effective anticancer drugs

In the largest study of its kind, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute researchers have uncovered hundreds of associations between mutations in cancer genes with sensitivity to anticancer drugs in order to develop a personalized approach to cancer treatments.

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Gene discovery may lead to contraceptive

It may be possible to develop a new male contraceptive pill after researchers in Edinburgh identified a gene critical for the production of healthy sperm.

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Genes predict if medication can help you quit smoking

Results of this study are one step closer to personalized medicine, that will significantly help in improvement of many diseases treatment.

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Gene doping - genetically modified athletes

Athletes trying to cheat by loading their bodies with genes that make muscles bigger and more efficient could be caught if forced to supply muscle biopsies, but not through the analysis of urine or blood samples.

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1098 Reasons Why Women are Genetically Superior to Men

Everyone knows that women have two X chromosomes, while men have just one. Instead of a second X, men have a Y chromosome. The X chromosome is far larger than Y, with 1098 genes versus just 27 genes that are unique to the Y chromosome.

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New approach in mild Alzheimer disease treatment

A study at the University of Toronto on a handful of people with suspected mild Alzheimer’s disease suggests that a device that sends continuous electrical impulses to specific “memory” regions of the brain appears to increase neuronal activity.

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