Is your brother or sister obese?

Having an older sibling who is overweight or obese is a strong predictor of childhood obesity, particularly if the sibling is of the same sex, according to research presented at the American Public Health Association.

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Do your genes tell you what to eat?

Different people eat very differently. Eating behaviour is affected by both personal factors (e.g. habits) as well as social or environmental (e.g. food availability, culture). But do our genes affect our food choices?

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Is the quantity of excess weight linked to risk of diabetes?

Obesity is a well-known risk factor for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, disability and premature death. But it hasn't been clear whether how much excess weight a person has, and for how long affects the risk of diabetes.

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Fructose consumption increases risk factors for heart disease

The American Heart Association recommends that people consume only five percent of calories as added sugar. The upper limit for sugar is set to 25% of the daily calorie allowance. 

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Mother's diet Influences baby's allergies

A possible link between mother's diet during pregnancy and the risk of her child developing allergies has been identified

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An apple a day (may) keep strokes away

The best way to know how many phytochemicals, such as carotenoids and flavonoids, a fruit or a vegetable has is to look at the color. 

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Reservatrol prevents metabolic syndrome

Many offspring that have trouble growing in the womb have an increased risk of developing metabolic problems later in life and that is why infancy is a potential window of opportunity to intervene and prevent the future development of metabolic diseases.

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Stopping smoking reduces death rates within months

Multiple studies found that death rates from heart disease had been rising steadily. Decrease in smoking rapidly reduces mortality rates within six months. 

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A new antioxidant was found in tomatoes

A new and a very potent antioxidant has been discovered in tomato plants. This antioxidant is synthesized by the plant when it is subjected to biotic stress.

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Exercise boosts health in more ways than one

Exercise has the ability to influence how stem cells they differentiate.

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