The team`s genetic analysis

Mediteranean diet  

The genetic analysis revealed that for 60% of the team, Mediterranean diet is best suited, for 30% a balanced diet is recommended, while 10% of the team should follow a low fat diet. GenePlanet's team-diet is therefore very diverse.


Interestingly, the analysis revealed a lack of certain vitamins B complex with 30% of our colleagues. Based on the results and the appropriate response, they have now reported positive effects of dietary changes.

 Bitter taste  

Around 20 percent of our colleagues cannot taste a bitter flavour in vegetables like cabbage and broccoli and even taste beer and wine differently. Twenty-seven percent of us cannot taste bitter flavours.

 Lactose intolerance  

GenePlanet's physician and programme developer are lactose intolerant.

 Sweet treats  

Half of the development department are carriers of the gene, which increases the desire for sweet treats. For a long time we assumed that the reason for their sweet tooth is in their genes - our analysis confirmed this assumption.

 Muscle structure  

Virtually the entire team has slow-twitch muscle fibres, which means that we are more competitive in sports where endurance is required.


Most of us are not exposed to nicotine dependence, which is also reflected in practice, as the whole team GenePlanet lives a very healthy and does not smoke.


60% of GenePlanet's team has a lower than average risk to develop diabetes type 2.

 Breast cancer  

The female part of our team has an average risk for breast cancer.


With the exception of the Head of Marketing, fortunately no one on the team is exposed to the development of overweight.


Genetic variation plays an important role in asthma development. Twenty-seven percent of us have a slightly increased risk of asthma development.


About half of us have typical risk for hypertension (high blood pressure). The rest of us have either increased or decreased risk.