For many years, GenePlanet proves to be a reliable and trustworthy business partner in research projects as well as by providing new business opportunities for partners in other fields.

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Just as in relationships with our end users, also when dealing with business partners we are committed to long-term cooperation based on mutual respect and benefits for all involved parties.

We offer our partners the most advanced and highest quality solutions in the field of genetic testing and analyses that are based on our own research and development. Our interdisciplinary development team in collaboration with distinguished external experts ensures constant product development based on the latest scientific knowledge. The main driving force in the development of new products continues to focus on the quality of service, sophisticated and innovative solutions, with the main objectives being clear benefits for the user and affordability for the customer.

In the future, our business will be based on the development and supply of new genetic tests intended for personal use (direct to consumer), as well as new diagnostic genetic tests for medical application.

Sales partners

Genetic tests and analyses for end-users are the main focus of our offer. With their help, individuals learn more about their own genetic code and obtain a wealth of useful information, which is adequately presented in an understandable and transparent manner, so it does not require interpretation by third parties. Our sales and marketing is thus focused on the end user and carried out through our own online sales and sales through contractual sales partners.

What we offer?

  • Proven and award-winning services and products in the field of genetic testing and analysis.
  • Due to our own development, our services and products can to a large extent be adapted to the wishes and needs of our partners.
  • Professional support in the introduction of products and services on the market.
  • Proven and successful business model suitable for expansion into new markets and market segments.
  • Designed and adaptable promotional material.
  • Regular support and counselling services for business operations in connection with individual tutoring.
  • Highest quality of services and products that are carried out in certified laboratories and adhere to regulatory quality standards.

Become a partner!

For cooperation we are looking for companies particularly in the areas of health, lifestyles and wellness services, who want to enrich their offer with the latest preventive services - personal genetic analyses and tests.

All interested companies are invited to contact us at

In the next step we contact you and arrange a personal meeting, to identify the most appropriate way and form of cooperation.

Research partners

Our core business is research and product development in biotechnology, where we specialize in the field of human genetics. In addition to existing development projects, we constantly monitor new development opportunities in the industry and we are looking for partnerships for further mutually beneficial services and products development.

For additional information and proposals contact us at

Existing partners

We are proud that for many years we cooperate with many renowned companies in the field of biotechnology and beyond.

Our partners:



The goal of Illumina is to use innovative technologies and revolutionary tests for the analysis of genetic variation and performance and contribute to the preparation of studies, which just few years ago were unimaginable. Such studies will substantially contribute to the realization of personalized medicine. With such rapid advances in technology, it is essential that the solutions are not only innovative, but flexible, scalable, and comprehensive. As a global company, they give high value to the networking, rapid delivery of solutions, and to meeting the needs of its customers. Illuminine innovative solutions for the analysis of DNA, RNA and proteins serve as tools for disease research, drug development and the development of molecular tests in clinical practice.


Studio Moderna

 Studio moderna  

Studio Moderna is a leading multi-channel e-commerce and direct to consumer platform in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Russia and Turkey.

With a vertically-integrated network, media and distribution platforms, the company has the ability to generate demand and supply for popular brand name products on the market reaching more than 400m consumers across 21 countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).




Linea Snella

 Linea Snella  

Linea Snella centers have been, with the help of a revolutionary, world-known method Linea Snella ® and highly skilled therapists and personal counsellors, able to give reliable help to eliminate extra pounds, inches and cellulite, firm the tissue and improve muscle tone, for more than 25 years. Their approach is holistic, since their advice on healthy eating and emotional dynamics also effectively help to improve the quality of life.


DNA Genotek

 DNA genotek  

DNA Genotek develops products that optimize and facilitate the collection of samples and provide superior performance required for high-quality biological sampling for nucleic acid testing. High-quality sampling of the target population enable their customers to focus on the evaluation of analysis and testing for achieving rapid global progress in health and science. DNA Genotek success is based on strong relationships with esteemed clients, an innovative environment and a passion for quality.




The laboratory CBM s.c.r.l., founded in 2004, is located in Trieste as part of an AREA Science Park, and represents a link between researchers and biochemical industry. The employees specialize in ‘’omic’’ technologies (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics), with their main activity being genotyping. They are also actively involved in national and international research projects. They are currently participating in the projects of nutrigenetics, population genetics, diseases, transfer of technologies and bio-nanotechnologies.




Biobanka is a Slovenian company with the official accreditation from the Public Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices to store cord blood of newborn children in Slovenia. Cord blood is found in the placenta and umbilical cord. It is the source of a large number of stem cells that by dividing and maturing are involved in restoration of old and damaged cells, tissues and organs. Storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood is one of the latest techniques in the field; clinical studies to date have confirmed their exceptional usefulness and revolutionary for treatment.



Healthness is the most recognized top service provider in the field of health, aesthetics, and shaping of body. With their professional work and services they help all people who want to improve their health, change lifestyle and provide prevention that leads to a healthy shape of body. They provide services for permanent, effective, painless and completely healthy weight reduction and increased vitality of the body, based on physical and mental health.


Tehnološki park Ljubljana

Tehnološki park Ljubljana   Technology Park Ljubljana, established on year 1995, is organization that represents a supportive and stimulating business environment of the highest quality for the development of high technology entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurial technology potential promotion in the region and realization of business initiatives with high levels of knowledge and market potential is done by providing the appropriate infrastructure, services and promotions. Technology Park enables also the establishment of connections and synergies between domestic and foreign research, development and market environment.