Our values

»Gnothi seauton« (Greek: γνωθι σεαυτόν) or »Know thyself!« was inscribed above the entrance to the ancient temple of Apollo at Delphi. Already in the antique times, self-revelation was the highest guiding principle. The Ancient Greeks understood it primarily in the spiritual sense. With the development of science, man acquired the possibility to study himself on a molecular, genetic level as well.

GenePlanet believes that every person who wants to know their genetic background has an inalienable right to do so!


GenePlanet’s mission is to create solutions that allow people a better life. We achieve this through utilizing the latest scientific discoveries that are according to the highest quality standards transferred into applicative solutions for practical application.
In our company, with our employees and in society as a whole, we strive for the values for which we believe best reflect our ideals and vision.

The fundamental values of GenePlanet are:

  • scientific excellence

  • progress

  • care

  • trust

  • ethics

  • friendliness

In relations to our customers, employees and business partners we foster and appreciate trust, entrepreneurship and the desire for progress. The satisfaction of all involved parties with whom we enter into relations, is one of the leading guidelines in all our operations, because only this allows long-term relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

One of the priorities is certainly the concern for the welfare of our employees. We believe that only with satisfied employees can we achieve an appropriate level of motivation and creativity, which is necessary for successful work and development of our company. To this end, we create an open work environment with a low level of formal relations, where open dialogue and constructive discussion are tools to achieve the best possible results.

Our highest value in all respects is knowledge, because in our belief only knowledge allows maximum personal and social progress.