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GenePlanet is a European company active in the field of biotechnology, specializing in genetic testing and research. We specialize in preventive genetic tests that are intended for the end user, but we also offer clinical genetic tests which help doctors with their therapeutic procedures. Our tests adhere to the highest standards of quality and are based on the latest scientific discoveries. We provide people with information which can help them adjust their lifestyle accordingly and take measures that will provide additional protection from health risks due to genetic predispositions.


The vision of GenePlanet is to provide every individual with the possibility to conduct personal genetic testing that enables them to discover new insights about their body and its functions, thereby providing them with new information and guidelines for a better living that can also protect them from health risks due to genetic predispositions.

Our goal is to bring genetic tests and other related molecular tests closer to the general public and make their benefits available to all of us. We strongly believe that genetic testing offers solutions that significantly contribute to achieving a better health and well-being of each individual. Our genes hide many secrets of our body and the knowledge of our personal characteristics can lead to adjustments in our lifestyle and positively affect the quality of our lives.


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